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FUCOIDAN                                                                  Fucoidan (foo-cy-den)

A strong, healthy immune system is your single most powerful weapon against premature aging and disease.


Fucoidan is a uniquely-structured sulfated polysaccharide, a complex carbohydrate molecule that is found in the cell walls of several types of brown seaweed (but not in land plants). Fucoidan molecules also demonstrate a tendency to bond with sulphate groups. Research indicates that the higher the sulphate group-count in a plant, the higher its therapeutic potential.

Fucoidan is found in especially high concentrations in the cell wall of a brown seaweed known as Limu Moui. One of its components, galactose, for example is a sugar. Other of its components, such as xylose and glucuronic acid, are found in the make-up of cell walls. In fact, the components of fucoidan are so good for the body that Dr. Kyosuke Owa, a prominent Japanese research scientist, compares "the Fucoidan found in limu moui contains the same healing antibodies found in human mother’s milk providing essential amino acids and a balanced diet of minerals necessary to boost the immune system".

For the infant, a mother’s breast milk provides an inexperienced immune system with the more experienced defense cells borrowed from the mother’s immune system. This exposure to the experienced defense cells helps newborn babies to develop a strong immune system to fight off the diseases.

Fucoidan stimulates the production of immune cells
providing the body with a stronger defense against invading bodies like bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and even cancer.


The traditional use of Limu Moui for its curative powers attests to fucoidan’s abilities. Island and coastal inhabitants have used this sea plant as a topical ointment and as an ingested treatment for illness.

In Japan, sea plant dishes like kombu and wakame are well known, but a lesser known dish call mozuku shares a common characteristic with Limu Moui. The people in the regions of Japan where mozuku is used enjoy longer lives and lower incidences of cancer when compared to counterparts in other parts of Japan.

Recent studies actually verify that Japanese scientists have isolated a substance in Limu Moui that promotes healthy living, seems to slow down the aging process, and fights a myriad of diseases. This substance is called fucoidan. A large number of recent scientific studies have shown fucoidan fights against cancer formation, development, and growth. Other research also indicates that fucoidan can be used for many other ailments common in today’s world.

One of the greatest uses of sea plant comes from a substance that makes up a fractional part of the Limu Moui brown sea plant – Fucoidan. This nutrient-dense polysaccharide found in Limu Moui has outstanding potential in the world of health and nutrition.

Fucoidan, a simple compound found in the sea plant Limu Moui, could yet prove to be the answer that we have desperately sought.


Fucoidan is a unique substance that has been the subject of more than 500 research studies published in highly respected publications as the Journal of Molecular Immunology, Anticancer Research, the British Journal of Pharmacology, and Infectious Immunology. Laboratory studies show that fucoidan provides functional support to the body’s immune system in a multitude of difference ways. Fucoidan has a chemical composition that closely resembles one of the most perfect immune-boosting foods on earth – human breast milk.

Fucoidan is clearly one of Mother Nature’s most impressive natural compounds. This unique natural plant chemical has been shown to:

    • Enhance immunity
    • Fight allergies
    • Inhibit blood clotting
    • Decrease cholesterol levels
    • Lower high blood pressure
    • Stabilize blood sugar
    • Prevent ulcers by fighting Heliobactor pylori bacteria
    • Relieve stomach disorders Improve and support liver function
    • Promote hair growth Maintain skin moisture and tighten the skin
    • Slow down or prevent scar development
    • Detoxify the body of heavy metals and dangerous chemicals
    • Have antiviral, antibacterial and anticancer properties
    • Control blood sugar levels
    • Control joint inflammation
    • Contain powerful antioxidant compounds

It is important to understand that while fucoidan itself does not prevent or cure any type of disease, it may do something far more powerful … provide the extra nutritional fuel that your overworked immune system so badly needs in today’s polluted, toxic world.


An Essential Immune Booster.  Our immune systems are under constant attack and immune disorders are escalating at an alarming rate. New studies are continually emerging that point to immune malfunction as the real cause of conditions like heart disease, obesity and multiple sclerosis. Preventing disease by fine-tuning and supporting our immune systems is the best investment we can make for extended good health and longevity.

Reinforcing Our Immune Arsenal.  The fucoidan in limu moui is not the plant’s only immune booster, however. Limu moui contains special sugars called glyconutrients that encourage natural killer (NK) cells to fight diseases of all kinds. Our first line of immune defense is NK cells. Research has shown that when people with poor health increase their consumption of glyconutrients, their natural-killer cell count rises dramatically, making them more able to protect themselves from the tissue breakdown that accompanies degenerative diseases. Limu moui’s balance array of glyconutrients encourages NK-cell and B-cell regeneration, thereby speeding up the body’s immune attack against foreign invaders.


Limu Moui is a concentrated extract of limu moui, a brown seaweed that carries an exceptionally high fucoidan content even before the extraction/concentration process begins! The limu moui is harvested in its natural state from the pristine waters of Tonga, arguably the purest location in the world. It is important to note that seaweeds absorb all of the elements, both good and bad, that are present in the waters they grow in. Whereas waters in certain other areas of the world can contain toxic heavy metals, regular testing shows that limu moui used in Limu Moui contains no such substances.

Virtually everyone has the genetic potential to enjoy robust health for well over 100 years, but unfortunately most people’s bodies begin breaking down long before that. That’s because in today’s ‘man-made’ environment, your immune system has to constantly fend off far more toxins, pollutants, food additives, chemicals and other stress factors than nature designed it for. Unless you constantly replenish your immune system with extra fuel, it remains dangerously overloaded year after year and eventually begins to malfunction. That's where Limu Moui, a unique nectar based on a seaweed extract from the pristine waters of Tonga, can make a difference in your life!

Over 500 Scientfic Research Studies on Fucoidan

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